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03 April, 2011

Paperific Show - walk all day, 5 cm shorter.

I've been really looking forward to this show so it was easy to take off  early to get up to the Royal Melbourne Showgrounds by 9.30 AM. It's not as big a show as the Quilting and Craft Show for instance but I really enjoy the emphasis on paper arts. I walked for six hours and left at the point when I felt shorter in the legs and tired to a smash!!

I like talking to folks I've connected with over time such as Sammi from Mad for Markers who knew me even though we've only met once face-to-face - what a remarkable memory she pun intended. Caught up with everyone from the Stamp Trap, Alisa and Shell from De-signs Made by Me, and Glenice, Trevor and Jenny. All good, very happy!!

I came away with some regular bits and pieces, stock items like reinkers, good gloss card stock and so forth. Also bought a few interesting things, some of which are in the photo.

Some of the stash from Paperific.

You can see a number of stamps to create pictures with, both StampScape (not shown) and Eclectic Images, and the little alphabet sets were a good price and gave some good ideas. I've been looking for the Holtz/Sizzix die for hardware because I'm making a project for Jasmine's birthday - more about that. Jeanette Trappet at the Stamp Trap had some homilies in an unmounted sheet. Completely new to me, is the little red moulds which I can use to create little items from either paper clay or icing as they are made from food quality material. The paper clay has me very intrigued so watch for some more photos soon.

Overall, it was great to attend, but I think I notice a trend away from technique and artistic skill. There is more hum-drum techno invention on the part of the money-makers which is very creative of them. The easy ride like using stickers and endless commercially printed papers, is very seductive and can shift us away from our knowledge and use of media. I asked one fellow about any interesting ways he uses Copic pens that he was selling, and he had little to tell me.

It's quite a debate that rages in my mind. Knowing that it's contentious to be saying such things, I think this dumbing down is noticeable in some magazines too. I'm bored to snorts with my local magazines full of prissy printed papers and really enjoy the UK Craft Stamper even though it takes six weeks to get here. I never want to stop using stamps as an art printing process in combination with all the wonderful media available and techniques to explore.

It's good to stimulate my dreamscape in lots of directions.


Sam said...

Looks like you had a good day there! If you like the Craft Stamper you can now download a e-zine from there showing the best of the last 10 years! and it is FREE!!!

Carola Bartz said...

I get "bored to snorts" with some of the magazines here as well... I love love love the tree stamps by Eclectic Images that you showed here - will google them later to find out whether I can get them here.
Even though you're shorter now, those six hours were worth it, weren't they? :-)

RosA said...

Hi Ros, What a fabulous lot of stuff you got from Paperific!